Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sone Funny Things in Vietnam~~

Vietnamese Cultural is different with Malaysia..
In Vietnam, the chairs and tables are all S size..
Even for the stalls which sell food and drink beside the road...
Its all mini size..
Hmm..funny right?
I wonder if there is XL size citizen...
How they going to sit on the small small chairs and have their food???

Mini size tables and chairs ~.~

Secondly, there are a lotssss of motor in Vietnam..
The traffic light in Vietnam seems useless...
And the traffic in Vietnam is very messy..
Imagine you can cross the road as you like as in Vietnam..
And the car or motor will surely get away from you..
As it is the normal practice in Vietnam..
They never follow the laws and drive wherever they like..
Funny huh?

Lots of motors in Vietnam...

Professional driving skills of Vietnamese~~

Thirdly, the house in vietnam very very small as well...
the concept of their building is small and tall..
i heard from the local people saying that the price of the land is very expensive...
Therefore, people built their house tall and narrow in order to save money..
But, I wonder how their going to live in a small house which the size comparable to a store room?

The size of their shop is as small as a store room..~.~

Vietnamese like to hanging around in town area during the weekend..
Therefore, every Friday night..
There is a big crowd in Hoan Hwan Kiam area with people dating, walking around and even dancing at the middle of the street...
I guess this is their healthy entertainment during the weekend...

Last but not least...
I saw something interesting during my stay in Vietnam...

The open style toilet...


What is this?

Stay closer...

Got it???

Yeah..34 CCTVs taking care of the LV bags...


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hanging around Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the famous tourist spot in Hanoi..
In Vietnamese, it is known as Hoan Hwan Kiam..
When the night falls, this small area is slowly crowded by the citizens as well as tourists from everywhere...
There is a significant sign board located at the center of this small town with statue of warriors next to it...
Nearby Hoan Kiem lake, there are rows of shop houses selling souveniors and some goods...
There is also a night market named Hang Be market which sells goodies such as keychain and so on..
For me, it is just the other version of Jonker Walk in Malacaa..
However, it is not a good idea if you go there alone as you may con by those local hawker..
Follow up my story next and you will find out what happen..:p..

Last but not least..some photos...

~ Sign board @ Hoan kiem Lake ~

~ Statue at the middle of the town ~

~Snapped at the entrance to a Temple @ Hoan Hwan Kiam~

~ Vietnam is full of motor ~

Night Market ~ Hang Be Market

At the center of the town~
Wondering why I can stand in the middle of the town while there are lots of vehicle passing around??

~ Snapping with groups of local people having their supper at the road side~

~ Yoo Hoo~

~ A lot of shoes ~

~ Happy Weekend @ Hoan Hwan Kiam ~

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Beside the famous Vietnam local coffee..
Vietnam is also well known by its beef noodle which they named is Pho Bo in Vietnamese..
The pronunciation in Vietnamese of Pho Bo is " Fur Bu"..
In Vietnam, you can hardly find chicken as in Malaysia..
But for beef, almost every food stall is selling beef...
And Pho is a kind of noodle which exactly looks like Ho Fun in Malaysia..
In my opinion, it is exactly taste like Ipoh Ho Fun..
Slices of beef and Pho is absolutely the perfect match..
However, for those who does not prefer beef, you can always replace it with chicken which is known as Ga in Vietnamese.. So, a bowl of Pho Ga is also a famous choice in Vietnam...

Introducing one of the famous Pho restaurant in Vietnam..
Pho 24...Do take your chance to try it when you travel to Vietnam..

In Vietnam, Pho Bo usually served with Yau Char Kuai and some side ingredient such as bean sprout, some unknown leaves which I guess is the Vietnamese herbs, slice of lemon, onion sliced and chili...
You can add in if you prefer...
And the most important things you cannot miss is the two sauces provided on the table..
I named it black and red sauce..
The red one is kind of chili sambal and the black one is kind of Hoisin(seafood) sauce..

A bowl of Pho Bo in Vietnam costs us 45000 VND which is equals to RM 9...
And if you prefer to eat like local people, you can always have your bowl of Pho Bo at the roadside which may only costs you 25000VND ( RM 5)..
But I prefer the restaurant one as it is more hygiene...

This is the MUST TAKE food when you come to Vietnam..
Taste it and will miss the good taste of this PHo Bo~~

~~ big bowl of Pho Bo with side add on ingredient~~

~~S size Yau char Kuai to match with the noodle~~

~Sauces for your choices~

~ Delicious Pho Bo with Yau Char Kuai and Added on ingredients~

~ Yummy yummy~

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vietnamese Local Coffee

Vietnam is well known by its local Vietnamese coffee...
One of the coffee I tasted in Vietnam is Weasel coffee..
I not really clear about the origin of this coffee..
But its a kind of strong taste coffee which is the favourite of mine.

The way they preparing the coffee is very special..
The coffee powder freshly blended from coffee bean..
And it is put inside a coffee filter named "fin" in vietnamese..
As the coffee is very thick and strong, I guess there are at least 2 or 3 small spoons of coffee powder to make a small cup of coffee...

The steel cup at the upper part is the coffee filter named "fin"

Next, the hot water is poured in and slowly the coffee will fill in the small cup placed under the "fin"...

Hot water is poured in and this is how the inner part of the "fin" looks like~~

The cup is slowly filled by coffee~~

Customers are provided a cup of Vietnamese tea with every single order and a cup of ice if you prefer ice coffee...

When the cup is almost fully filled, the coffee is almost ready~~
Stir it if you ordered coffee with condensed milk..
And if you prefer cold one..
Pour the coffee into the cup with ice and enjoy!!!

A cup of refreshing ice coffee with condensed milk ~~

And finally, they called it Ca Fe Sua Da in Vietnamese..
Where :
Ca Fe = coffee
Sua = milk
Da = ice

It costs VND10000 only (RM 2.00)!!!!
I think Vietnamese coffee is nicer than Malaysia one as I like the thickness of this Weasel Coffee~
Do take your chance to have one when you travel to Vietnam.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Reporting From Vietnam (day 16 )

Day 16 in Vietnam...

The weather is just fine in Vietnam..
And today I finally have some time to return to my blog and reporting myself...
A long half month had over and I am looking forward to the day I am able to return to Malaysia.
Nothing goes wrong in Vietnam but it's just the matter that I cannot adapt to the life style here...
Cars, motorcycles,bicycles are everywhere...
The road is flooded by people and vehicles...
And one special practice here is the non-stop honk-ing sound of the vehicle...

Communication is totally breakdown here..
Cause I don't know Vietnamese..
The main communication method here is by our finger..(pointing here and there)
Some local food here is nice except for the roadside one..(personal problem as i think it is too dirty)..

Working outstation in Vietnam is like No Weekend..
Everyday is working day including Saturday and Sunday..
But I do enjoy it as we have nothing to do in the weekend too..

I think tat's all from me for the moment...
I miss you guys in Malaysia....
Miss my family...
Miss my friends...
Hope to see you all soon!!!

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