Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hanging around Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the famous tourist spot in Hanoi..
In Vietnamese, it is known as Hoan Hwan Kiam..
When the night falls, this small area is slowly crowded by the citizens as well as tourists from everywhere...
There is a significant sign board located at the center of this small town with statue of warriors next to it...
Nearby Hoan Kiem lake, there are rows of shop houses selling souveniors and some goods...
There is also a night market named Hang Be market which sells goodies such as keychain and so on..
For me, it is just the other version of Jonker Walk in Malacaa..
However, it is not a good idea if you go there alone as you may con by those local hawker..
Follow up my story next and you will find out what happen..:p..

Last but not least..some photos...

~ Sign board @ Hoan kiem Lake ~

~ Statue at the middle of the town ~

~Snapped at the entrance to a Temple @ Hoan Hwan Kiam~

~ Vietnam is full of motor ~

Night Market ~ Hang Be Market

At the center of the town~
Wondering why I can stand in the middle of the town while there are lots of vehicle passing around??

~ Snapping with groups of local people having their supper at the road side~

~ Yoo Hoo~

~ A lot of shoes ~

~ Happy Weekend @ Hoan Hwan Kiam ~

updating next : Some funny things in Vietnam...

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