Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Beside the famous Vietnam local coffee..
Vietnam is also well known by its beef noodle which they named is Pho Bo in Vietnamese..
The pronunciation in Vietnamese of Pho Bo is " Fur Bu"..
In Vietnam, you can hardly find chicken as in Malaysia..
But for beef, almost every food stall is selling beef...
And Pho is a kind of noodle which exactly looks like Ho Fun in Malaysia..
In my opinion, it is exactly taste like Ipoh Ho Fun..
Slices of beef and Pho is absolutely the perfect match..
However, for those who does not prefer beef, you can always replace it with chicken which is known as Ga in Vietnamese.. So, a bowl of Pho Ga is also a famous choice in Vietnam...

Introducing one of the famous Pho restaurant in Vietnam..
Pho 24...Do take your chance to try it when you travel to Vietnam..

In Vietnam, Pho Bo usually served with Yau Char Kuai and some side ingredient such as bean sprout, some unknown leaves which I guess is the Vietnamese herbs, slice of lemon, onion sliced and chili...
You can add in if you prefer...
And the most important things you cannot miss is the two sauces provided on the table..
I named it black and red sauce..
The red one is kind of chili sambal and the black one is kind of Hoisin(seafood) sauce..

A bowl of Pho Bo in Vietnam costs us 45000 VND which is equals to RM 9...
And if you prefer to eat like local people, you can always have your bowl of Pho Bo at the roadside which may only costs you 25000VND ( RM 5)..
But I prefer the restaurant one as it is more hygiene...

This is the MUST TAKE food when you come to Vietnam..
Taste it and will miss the good taste of this PHo Bo~~

~~ big bowl of Pho Bo with side add on ingredient~~

~~S size Yau char Kuai to match with the noodle~~

~Sauces for your choices~

~ Delicious Pho Bo with Yau Char Kuai and Added on ingredients~

~ Yummy yummy~

updating next : Hanging around Hoan Kiem Lake..(the famous tourist spot)

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