Monday, September 24, 2007

I hate ....

Dun understand y there is a person with such attitude..
Its suxxxx....
Not i wanna say u..but "your" attitude really makes me vomit..voMIT and VOMIT!!!
Pls dun keep on acting here and there...
Pls dun pretend you are the good one...
Pls oooo..PLS!!!
Becareful when you tok...Cz your mouth nvr wash..Wat you are toking is just bullshit...
I really hate it..And ppl do hate you for ya attitude..!!!
Pls stop all this...
Stay away from me!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My New Lappie~~

Yeah, finally i got it..
First post written using this new Lappie~~~
Thankx daddy for sponsoring...Muakxxxx....
Hahahah...So happy...
The sunshine is out day is bright...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am awake!!!!

There had been 16 hours i din lye on the bed...

16 hours I had been sitting in front of the pc doing assignment and my stuffs..
16 hours i din sleep..
I like a zombie now...@.@

Monday, September 17, 2007

KL one day trip~~

A sudden invitation come from nyian when we are having dinner at Malim one day....

Nyian : Jom go KL lo..
Ying : huh?KL??
Nyian : Yaya..Tomorrow lo..
Ying : o..yeah yeah...jom jom..!!
(*at that moment, I tot he is I joke with him..Hahahah*)

The next day, 7 sth my fon rang...

Nyian : Wake up lo..go KL lo..
Ying : huh?
(*i like stil bluring...*)
Nyian : Sing K...Kim gary oooo
Ying : Huh????
(*I like awake a bit...*)
Nyian : wake up lo...take bus go central then go KL lo...
Ying : can v take 9 am centre not open so early...v take 9 am bus, reach there 11 am..ngam ngam to kim gary makan lunch..hehehe
Nyian : cannot ..later no bus...
Ying : ooo..oklo..i prepare now..
(* then i fon phang phang...he was shocked too.Hahahah*)

Three of us are totally addicted to KTV KTV and KTV...
So, we rush to KL meet phang phang...

Unfortunately when we reach Melaka Central, all tic to KL was sold out..
We like $%^%!$!@$%...
Lucky Delima adding some extra trip to kl and we manage to buy 10:30 am tic to KL..
Woot..sleepy but happy~~
A Thai couple sitting nex tto us so noisy..toking dunno wat language but i guess is Thai..
So loud and we cant sleep..(*curse them!!)
Even the bus driver osso cant tahan keep on shaking head there....

Okay, forgot bout tat...
Finally, we reached KL and meet up phang phang at LRT station...
Planning to go sushi buffet at Saisake but the buffet time is over....
So we go sing K straight!!!!!!

There only available room at 2:30 pm...
So we wasting our time waiting and taking some photo..
Damn hungry when saw the lunch buffet...Yooo..
Tot we can have it..
Mana tau they say we can only order from the menu...-.-|||

Red Box Red Box~~~

Big big screen!!!

The controller...

Found this funny drink..Sex on the beach for rm 23 only..Hahahah

Spending above rm 50 we manage to get 2 lucky draw...We get rm 20 voucher we have rm 40 now...can go sing kao kao liae..Ahahaa

So so so hungry after KTV..
We rush to Kim gary for dinner..

Happy trip with nyian and phang phang!!!
Miss the food and the day...
Hope we can go again..Hahaha....

Me n nyian in da bus..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jolin new Mv~~

Yeah..Jolin finally got new album di..
So happy when I saw her new MV in one of the web site...
She is really pretty...
Intro to u all one of her new MV...

*Don't you realize that her new looks like rihanna~umbrella~ MV?* her hair a lot..and her dance...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Early early wake up...

Early in da morning...I am here doing my ass-ignment..

And modifying my slide...

Hungry like hell and I think I can eat a big big dinasour di...

Viewing yung's blog baru tau I was tagged by him...

Hahaahah..funny blog so I decide to do it now..Hahahaha


—————————————– Start of tag —————————————–

Name 10 friends from the opposite sex.

1.Yee Phang
2.Boon Leong
4. Pok
10.Chert Wei

Would you rather party with 1 or 7 ?
1. Yee Phang 7. Geek
Sure phang Phang la...He is my twin soul and my toilet bowl as well.How can I party without my toilet bowl ler..WUhahahaha

Marry 2 or 6 ?
2. Boon Leong 6. Yung
Yung ba....He is a funny and "cute" guy..HAhaha

Kill 3 or 8 ?
3.Jeff 8. Allan
Hmmm...Wont kill them both kua..Both are my best frens...

Date 9 or 10 ?
9. Jian 10. Chert wei
HAhahaha..sure chert wei la..Tall lengchai woo..(of cz miao leng chai too..Hahahahaha)

Make out with 4 or 7 ?
4. pok 7. Geek
I rather kill myself...@.@

Cuddle with 6 or 8 ?
6. Yung 8.Allan
Hmm..Allan ba..haha..he is more big size(aiks..lee dun angry woo..just a tag)heheeh

Have kids with 4 or 5 ?
4. Pok 5. Dominic
Hahaha...Neither one...

Live with 1 or 9 ?
1. Yee Phang 9. Jian
Hahahah...this i will choose yee phang..cant imagine if v live 2gther i think will be a big mad in the house...HAhahahah

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5 ?
2. Boon Leong 5. Dominic
Boon leong lo...he is cute..:p

Trade lives with 8 or 10 ?
8. Allan 10. Chert wei
Chert wei he own a electrical shop..(tai ji yer) woo..

Wake up next to 4 or 9 ?
4. Pok 9. Jian
I rather sleep forever...Hahahahaah

Completely disown 3 or 7 ?
3.Jeff 7. Geek
Geek ba..I long time nvr see jeff di..sorry geek hor..:P

Eyes ?
Boon Leong-he has a big cherry eyes...

Boon leong too-he has sweet smile...

Face ?
Yung-he had a fair fair face which i wan to have.-.-

Body ?
Chert wei - he is tall enough

Abs ? idea...

No idea too..

Style ?
Semua ada style sendiri...Hahahah

Has 3 ever hurt you ?
3. jeff...Never woo...he is a nice nice guy

Have you ever hurt 4 ?
4.pok..Hahahah..mayb got but i dunno..

Who’s the funniest ?
yee phang lo...hahaha..siaw ka lai geh...:P

Can you beat up 8 ?
8. Allan...Hard kua...hahah..we onli meet up once or twice in a year...

When was the last time you saw 9 ?
9. jian - Yesterday ba

Who’s the smartest ?
6. Yung lo..He mentioned di in his blog maa :p

How long have you known 2 ?
2. Boon leong- since my 1st day of alpha..almost 5 years lo

What would you do if 1 and 6 started fighting ?
1. yee phang 6. yung
C who will win..Hhahah

Who is dating 6/crushing on ?
Yung-Yuin yin lo..Hahaha..He say one

Does 7 smell good ? smell

Who will you still be talking to in 15 years ?

—————————————– End of tag —————————————–

Okay, I am done..Tagging ppl lagi..

1.Ser-oways tag me hor..hahaha

2.Jian-tag tag tag

3.Geek - u long time din do tag di...

4.pok - update ur blog la..berkulat di

5.Alex-1st tag to you..gam pa teh!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dinner + supper = FULL

Just went back from my dinner + supper....
So so so full but satisfy...
4 of us having our supper at Pasar Borong...
Planning to eat Asam fish at 1st but unfortunately it doesn't open 2day...
Both stalls not open..>.<|||
We end up eating wan tan mee and roti bakar...
But we have a special supper 2nite...
Should say "huge" supper...

First we having the "tau-fu fa" with soya milk...
Mapo having ginger flavour one...
While phang and nyian having those normal soya drink onli...
1st time i try the "tau-fu fa" with soya milk..
Quite nice comparing to those with sugar syrup one...Hahaaha...

Its a new stall beside the wan tan mee stall selling those special type of "tau -fu fa" there is some special one with lime juice, longan and cincau as well...

Next, we ordered roti bakar....
I ordered steam one as there is long long time I never have my favourite roti bakar at pasar borong di....
Some more the old uncle so funny keep joking with us..Haahha

Next on is the wan tan mee..
I like this wan tan mee with BBQ meat..
Taste really nice...

Finally, the mix "rojak" with tau-hu, tau-ke, fish ball and so on...
Taste so so but so expensive...
Rm 5 per portion and it is not serve hot..
So...not recommended...

Very very full now and it's time for me to continue my battle...
I left 5 more slides to go and I promised myself must finish it by tonight...
Gam pa teh..and good luck for all who having presentation tomorrow....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy B-day Miao~~

Happy b-day my old buddy..Miao~miao~
Its your big day...10/9/2007..
And dun think I forgot ooo..
As a friend since your old school day...
So, I decide to make this for u....

Here we start....Miao is Jian and Jian is miao...This is the guy behind the cat...Wuuahahahha...

He is a sleepy cat...
If you are unable to find him in class...
Dun worry..he just hiding himself under the ciold air-cond and ZZzzzzzZZzzz....

But sometime, he cant sleep tooo...

He likes potato chips a lotz.

Tats y he is transforming from a skinny miao to fatty miao with a gain of XX kg.....>.<
And his favourite is potato chip with sour cream flavour...

Potato chips is everywhere with Miao....

Here comes his miao miao blog...

He is oways buzy with the renovation of his blog...

And somehow, he started to become a cam-whoring king...

Okay, this is for you Jian...
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to miao miao...
Happy birthday to you~~~~~

*blow the candle pls..

**And dun charge me for copyright hor...HAhahahaha...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Freaky tired and stress

Tons of work this sept....terrible sept!!!
The sky is so grey....
The food doesn't taste nice....

I don't wanna wake up the whole sept if I could...
I wanna run out from this messy world...
I wanna put all my FYP behind...
I hate this life...
I miss my family....
why life so hard...
I wonder....

I feel like ARGGHHHHHHH..!!!!

And I feel like AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tagged by Ser~~

It's has been long long time I did do my tag dii..Hahahaha..
I'm tagged by Ser 2day..
Hmm..since he is new in this, so I will do it for u la ..Hahahaha

Here it goes...

Where is your cell phone?


Your hair?
~ dark ~


Your sister?
~ pretty ~

Your favorite thing?

Your dream last night?

Your favorite drink?
~ coffee ~

Your dream car?

The room you’re in?

Your shoes?
~ lots ~

Your fears?
~ dark ~

What do you want to be in 10 years?

Who did you hang out with this weekend?

What are you not good at?

One of your wish list items?
~ money~

Where you grew up?
~ kuching~

Last thing you did?
~ eat~

Your pet?

Your computer?

Your life?

Your mood?
~ Stress ~

What are you thinking about right now?
~ eat~

Your car?
~ none~

Your kitchen?

Your summer?
~ Hot~

Your favorite color?
~ Blue ~

Last time you laughed?

Last time you cried?

~ hate~

What are you wearing?

What aren’t you wearing?
~ socks~


T@mPin Mid Term trip (part 4)Lubok China

Finally I have reach the last post for my mid term trip..
Sorry guys for the delay as beezeee beezee with exam and FYP...
So, 2nite I promise wont let you guys disappointed..
I will update all the post pending...Hahaha..
So, enjoy guys..

Continue from the last post, we visit Geek's house..
And Geek mummy prepared special nyonya style lunch for us..
Got Prawn with sambal(my favourite), Asam fish, Fried egg, Chicken, Vege and lastly the soup...
I can say Geek mum is super cook...All the food are soooo fingers lickin good...Yummy yummy..
** Special thanks to Geek and Mrs Khoo (Geek's Mum) for the meal she prepared for us...**

After the lunch, we took a rest at Geek's house..
There is a small living room which I think previously was his car porch outside his house..
Although it's hot outside, but we still can feel the freshness of the cold air blowing towards us...
It's such a nice place to chit-chatting and play card...
And outside his house was a small compound planting Rambutan trees ...
A lot of rambutanssss...and I started to pluck it after getting permission from Geek's father..wuuahhahah

Seee..a lot of rambutanssss..The red one...

And the yellow one...

Miss rambutanss...Hahahahhah

The guy is chit-chatting there..

Then we move on to have some drink...
Geek brought us to a cendol stall which he normally went during his highschool time...
Although it's only a small "stall" attached to a bicycle, but it's business seems very very good...
While we were sitting there enjoying our cendol, lots of customers come and buy from the indian auntie...
I can say the cendol is very very nice..specially the one with pulut one..Woot..Ichiban..!!

Auntie small small stall...

Auntie nice nice cendol...

Next, where we go??
Of course going back tido la..Hahaha...
But when we reached Geek's house..Another surprise waiting for us..
It's tea time..Geek's mum fried the Cempedak and potato..dunno how to call "fan shu" in english..
Wow...It's make us so full...Hahaha...

Delicious tea time dish by Geek's Mum...

Then the guys move on to chit-chatting..
And me...Zzzzzz...I can say the wind blow softly really makes me sleepy..
But, I spotted another guys sleeping woo..HAhaha...'s miao who sleep tightly on the sofa...just like a cat...:p

For our dinner, Geek brought us to Kuala having our seafood dinner...
We took photo near the seaside before we reach the actual place...
The sunset is nice~~

And finally here we are...
The guy selling those seafood give me a *peace* when I am taking photo of the seafood stall..
Funny guy..Hahahah...

You can see from the photo all the seafood is very fresh as you can directly choose yourself and ask the kitchen to cook..
No extra charge for the cooking and we only pay for the seafood...
So, we ordered clams, baked fish(ikan bakar), Butter crabs, otak-otak and one more ikan bakar(dunno wat name of the fish)...
Because of hunger, we ordered nasi lemak to eat 1st as there are many customers still waiting their food to be served....
It's a good experience for me enjoying the seafood near the seaside...

With this, I end my post here...Hope you guys enjoy it...:)

Saturday, September 1, 2007




~ 18 岁的春天 ~


春天是开心的, 象征这生命的开始。 一切都是美好的。但铩那间的美好是永恒吗?


某年某月的某日, 他们被某间大学录取了。带着高兴有战惊动心情, 来到了这间大学。开学的第一天,她们俩先认识了。 因为当天两人都迟大到, 所以就这样就认识了。她是她在班上第一个认识的同学。 所以理所当然的, 两人就成为无所不谈的好友了。开学没多久, 该死的功课便一大堆。在偶然的情况下, 她们又认识了另外两个好朋友。或许是志趣想投, 或是臭味相般, 很快的他们四个便成了很好很好的朋友。 到那里一定可以见到他们在一起。他们相约去吃美食, 甚至不惜搭巴士, 走路。。。可说是为了吃喝玩乐而不惜一切。那段日子可说是他们最开心的。又或许是年少无知吧。。任何东西都可以开心一轮。那一串串的沙爹, 热腾腾的麻辣火锅, 烧烤会, 老人院等等,到那处都可以见到他们形影不离。纯纯的友情, 就是这么建立起来的。那时的他们, 还傻乎乎的在算大学的日子还有多长。。算了算, 他们总共要熬十五个学期在等到毕业。 望着, 等着, 日子真的很长。。。那时考试, 他们总爱一起读书, 一起讨论。或许只要在一起, 任何问题都不是问题吧。

~ 19 岁的夏天~


炎热的夏天虽然不讨好, 但夏天的结束就意味着秋天的来临。万物便会显得毫无生气,毫无感情。那是好还是好中的不好呢?


日子一天一天过, 就这样一年过去了。他们四个也跟着升上大学一年级。由于科目的不同, 他们也开始面临第一次的分离。 就这样, 两个男生分成同一班。 而两个女生当然同一班。 虽然见面的日子少了很多很多, 但这并不考验他们的友情。 他们依然常常见面,还甚至配对各自的时间表, 以便可以抽出时间一起吃饭。有些可以共同读的科目, 他们便选择一样的时间,一起上课。而课余时间呢, 他们还是共同吃喝玩乐。 那时虽然身边开始多了一些朋友, 但却毫无影响他们的友情。 他们永远还是四个非常要好的朋友。这一切, 是他们说好永远都不变的。第一次, 他们一起去旅行。 飞越过海。。爬山涉水。。这一切一切都是无法代替的回忆。

~ 20 岁的秋天 ~


秋天的叶子开始滑落, 原本茂密的大树开始荒凉了。但滑落的叶子并没随风而去, 它们宁愿守着这一份大树的感情。。紧紧守着。。。


或许是因为身边的朋友不断在变, 又或许是功课越来越多了。他们见面的日子也渐渐少了。虽然还可以勉强的约出来吃个饭,又或者庆祝某人的生日。但他们也许已经意识到,这段友情已渐渐出现危机了。只是彼此已经开始不坦白,所以都没说出来。彼此都还很在乎这段情吧。所以都尽量抽时间相聚。虽然日子少了,但偶尔聚在一起,还是会彼此怀念往日的点点滴滴。或许那一刻,大家还是很在乎对方吧。就因为这样,原本紧紧系在一起的心,还得以维持。第二次他们一起旅游,回忆当然更多。大家还期待这第三,第四次的旅游。他们还说好毕业要一起打拼。

~21 岁的冬天 ~


冬天到了,万物死沉沉的。而原本渐渐熄灭的情感, 也跟着雪的脚步, 坠落地底,永远埋




原以为可以是一次四人行,但却因为栽花人的介入, 把他们四人的友情连根拔起。从此,便没有四人行了。或许栽花者有这权力,只因当初这四个秧苗由她一手栽培。当初要不是她把这四颗种子种在一块, 或许就没有今天的四叶草。她亲手种了他们,却中途放弃他们到另一个更大,更美的花园插秧。但这大花园并不持久, 有天 ,花儿开满了,便离栽花人而去。1000天后的今天, 栽花人回来找回四叶草,但她并不知道,如今的四叶草已经心连心,再也容不下任何人了。但似乎一切还在掌握之中。凭她的几句话,在加上楚楚可怜的处境,她还是赢了。四叶草的叶子一旦被拔掉一片,其他的根本无法生存。她拔掉了他们的中心点,其他便开始无生气了。

就因为这样,他们四人的友情真的受到考验了。站在悬崖的边缘, 顿时他们不知该如何是好。而心里的话却是越藏越多。渐渐的,他们真的很少见面了。只因为落叶不想回到花园,所以从此四个人便分隔两边。两人徘徊在花园里,另两人却徘徊在花园外。

~ 22 岁的荒凉~




或许四人都努力过,努力垮过花园的那片篱笆。但因为事情的种种,所以事实还是很难改变的。别说垮过那片篱笆,或许根本篱笆里的都自身难保。野草的滋生,害虫的侵袭,让待在花园里的她们都开始受不了。渐渐的, 她们也疏远了。或许时间真的可以冲淡一切。让他们四个不在留恋。。五年的友情就这么弱不禁风。或许现在各自都有了自己的生活,但他们还会怀念过去吗?过去的友情真的只是空吗?不是说好要当一辈子朋友吗?承诺都不见了吗?想起来,还蛮讽刺的。。。。。