Saturday, November 24, 2007


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Langkawi post # 4

Heheheh..sorry for the long long delay of this post..
Really tiring after work and i got no time to update my blog since last week...
Hmm....Can i just put photo??
Hahahha...Lazy and sleepy..:(

Okay, a slight intro..
This is pasir tengkorak which we stop by to take some sui sui photo...

the prettiest..wuahhhahahaha

and the handsome one..

NExt, we went to oriental village which is the scary part for the guys...Hahahah

Some warming up scenery 1st...

and some cutie meg meg...

the ladies walking beside the bridge...

However, the scary part is left for the next day...
We stop by to have our lunch and next we went back to our beach for a walk..

photo taking...

And the sweet moment...

ANd Tadaaaa...its me..Check out next post to find out wat scary things happened..:)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Langkawi trip post # 3

After one long long night suffering at LCCT airport, we finally reached Langkawi airport!!!
Excited and extremely happy...!!

some view from air craft~~

We got our rent car once we reached the airport. we were brought to our resort straight after tat. But the 1st thing shown on our face was very very shocked after we saw our staying place. It was like HUH???!!!!!!!!
Seems cannot believe what we saw. It like an old room which no one ever stayed in there for years!!!!My can we stay at those dirty and scary room. ( forgot to take the photo cz too shocked that time) Luckily the management let us changed the terrible room to a better look and clean room. Not 100 % satisfied but at least much more better than the previous one. -.-|||

Putting down our luggage, we "chiong" out immediately. 1st, we going to fill up the petrol. the petrol station was situated near a harbor. It is really beautiful with the feel of Australian style harbor.

Next, we went to the famous Temurun water fall. It is the longest and largest water fall in Langkawi. You won believe if u din see it yourself. It is really really high...


nyian and me~~

The sweet couple...

Group photo~~