Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vietnamese Local Coffee

Vietnam is well known by its local Vietnamese coffee...
One of the coffee I tasted in Vietnam is Weasel coffee..
I not really clear about the origin of this coffee..
But its a kind of strong taste coffee which is the favourite of mine.

The way they preparing the coffee is very special..
The coffee powder freshly blended from coffee bean..
And it is put inside a coffee filter named "fin" in vietnamese..
As the coffee is very thick and strong, I guess there are at least 2 or 3 small spoons of coffee powder to make a small cup of coffee...

The steel cup at the upper part is the coffee filter named "fin"

Next, the hot water is poured in and slowly the coffee will fill in the small cup placed under the "fin"...

Hot water is poured in and this is how the inner part of the "fin" looks like~~

The cup is slowly filled by coffee~~

Customers are provided a cup of Vietnamese tea with every single order and a cup of ice if you prefer ice coffee...

When the cup is almost fully filled, the coffee is almost ready~~
Stir it if you ordered coffee with condensed milk..
And if you prefer cold one..
Pour the coffee into the cup with ice and enjoy!!!

A cup of refreshing ice coffee with condensed milk ~~

And finally, they called it Ca Fe Sua Da in Vietnamese..
Where :
Ca Fe = coffee
Sua = milk
Da = ice

It costs VND10000 only (RM 2.00)!!!!
I think Vietnamese coffee is nicer than Malaysia one as I like the thickness of this Weasel Coffee~
Do take your chance to have one when you travel to Vietnam.

updating next : Vietnam Pho noodle.

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