Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sone Funny Things in Vietnam~~

Vietnamese Cultural is different with Malaysia..
In Vietnam, the chairs and tables are all S size..
Even for the stalls which sell food and drink beside the road...
Its all mini size..
Hmm..funny right?
I wonder if there is XL size citizen...
How they going to sit on the small small chairs and have their food???

Mini size tables and chairs ~.~

Secondly, there are a lotssss of motor in Vietnam..
The traffic light in Vietnam seems useless...
And the traffic in Vietnam is very messy..
Imagine you can cross the road as you like as in Vietnam..
And the car or motor will surely get away from you..
As it is the normal practice in Vietnam..
They never follow the laws and drive wherever they like..
Funny huh?

Lots of motors in Vietnam...

Professional driving skills of Vietnamese~~

Thirdly, the house in vietnam very very small as well...
the concept of their building is small and tall..
i heard from the local people saying that the price of the land is very expensive...
Therefore, people built their house tall and narrow in order to save money..
But, I wonder how their going to live in a small house which the size comparable to a store room?

The size of their shop is as small as a store room..~.~

Vietnamese like to hanging around in town area during the weekend..
Therefore, every Friday night..
There is a big crowd in Hoan Hwan Kiam area with people dating, walking around and even dancing at the middle of the street...
I guess this is their healthy entertainment during the weekend...

Last but not least...
I saw something interesting during my stay in Vietnam...

The open style toilet...


What is this?

Stay closer...

Got it???

Yeah..34 CCTVs taking care of the LV bags...


** updating next : Vietnam Local food~Xue Xiao

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Jasonmumbles said...

The CCTV some are fake de lah, just to catch people's attention. Haha.