Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dinner @ HongKong village

After my Genting trip, I am having my 2nd birthday celebration on 24/7 @ Bonami with my housemate and old buddies. Before going, we had our dinner at Hong Kong village located in Dataran Pahlawan. The food was so-so only but I like the environment there. However, we are the last customers as we reached there about 9 sth after went shopping at Dataran >.< .

The menu

Lu-Rou Fan ordered by szeming..looks oily right?

Me, nyian and sam ordered this Japanese style chicken/pork chop...Quite nice but a bit salty

Siti ordered Singapore Bee-hoon...salty too...@.@

Next, Photo-shot session again..*sign*sign*

Mr. Jap a.k.a Nyian

Sam a.k.a Pok Siew

The 3 Lengluis....(snap 1 ~ Leng leng looks)

Snap 2 ~ Cute cute looks (uekkk.....-.-|||)

Snap 3 ~ Cool cool looks

Snap 4 ~ eiii...Silly looks...

Hahahah...pai seh pai seh..those who feel wanna go toilet now..can go...
*should ask u all skip this part earlier...hiak hiak..:p

Okay...Continue on next post, my b-day celebration @ Bonami...


jian said...

hahahaha you ppl are cute lar XD

Stephanie_yinG said...

jian: hahaha...i feel silly act..>.<