Friday, August 3, 2007

B-day celebration @ bonami

Here come my 2nd b-day celebration @ Bonami. Nice moment having all the happy hour with my old buddies specially Boon Leong and Jeff who I only met him the 2nd/3rd time since this semester started. And Dominic who I met him the 1st time as well. Miss you guys muchie~~

As I wished, they all do shows themselves in my b-day. Thank Q guys. It's the most noisy night at Bonami the the craziest night I have. Chit-chatting, playing games and being crazy at the middle of the night by doing some crazy stuff. And of course our favourite game, Monopoly do appear too. And guess who is the winner this time....Hahahahah...


**upload one photo 1st..Goin to Tampin 2day...hahaha....More photo after my Trip ya..:p

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