Monday, July 30, 2007

GentinG Birthday celebration (part 2)

Okay, the next day we are talking a walk around too. I like enjoying the cold weather in da morning. So, after having our breakfast. We make our move while some of them decided to "pok sat" in Casino. I seldom enter Casino as I dun have that much money to gamble (I'm poor~~~~)Hahahaha.

Some photo taken...

Early in da morning..Sleepy face

Phang Phang @nd me

Three of us~~

Group photo while waiting bus

Very hungry when we reached KL. We had our lunch at Nandos and thanks to Jimmy who gives us lots of discount for the meals. That the cheapest Nandos I ever eat. HAHahaa...Sick di..~~But happy trip I have. Thanks to everyone who going with me. My bday celebration not yet end ooo..more n more coming..Hahaha...

Another Group photo in Nandos


=jaecywong= said...

i miss genting!! upgraded n all already!! :( i miss nando's!! :( sob sob

Stephanie_yinG said... time u come back for holiday can go arr...hahah..i osso like genting alot..:P