Monday, July 30, 2007

GentinG Birthday celebration (part 1)

Wake up in the middle of the night *sigh* sigh *.

So, I'm here updating my blog about my Genting trip on 17,18 July. There are all together 10 person going to Genting plus one special guest (jimmy). The trip started with nervous phenomenon as our "big head prawn" a.k.a LAlinG who forgot to bring her purse. Haaha...end up she found her money and ic in her new purse. *fainted* Because of this, we had separated into 2 buses with me, nyian, fern, phang phang, mapo, Laling and siti in Transnational. And on the other bus, yung, geek and nian you. Some funny jokes made by yung @nd laling because of the separation. Further details pls refer to yung's blog.

*sweet sweet*

In Da bus.....

Finally, we reached genting bout 4 sth in the evening. Cold~ Cold~. While waiting for the room to be ready, we take a walk around and take photo. hiak hiak..:p

*photo taken from mapo's blog...On the way to makan...*

Some nice view taken at first world hotel

Heavy mist outside genting hotel....

Another group photo from mapo's blog..

We take a walk around the compound in front of Genting hotel. The most funniest things is we doing some silly action like being the ghost standing a row beside the road side. And, we wonder those driver who passed through got notice us or not. So, we divided into 2 group. One standing at the opposite road with back facing the road. Then one more group standing the other side and show the curious face pointing at us. Damn silly la..duihh....but we manage to attract those driver who passed through. Yeah..success!!!

Then the night end with Zzzzzz....As most of us are super tired di, so we cancel our plan to Starbucks Coffee*sigh*. Btw, I'm one of them who fall asleep hahahaha. *sigh*..Sick la..~~

**Ok, to be continue on the 2nd day....**

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