Saturday, August 29, 2009

The night I almost lost myself~~Unforgettable!!!

Last night, was the more scary night in my life..(I think)
As I never come across this before~~
With ECG machine beside me and my body is full of those connector to the ECG machine...
To monitor my heart rate, my blood pressure and so on....
Two needles with one each on my left and right hand...
Thanks GOD...I am feeling lucky that I still can update my blog here...

I thought it was just a small matter of food poisoning which later lead to my serious skin allergy...

Thing happened like this..
My colleague and I went to a mushroom specialise to try to mushroom..
And since now is the promotion season, they have a mushroom name "Matsusake" which is grilled and served with lemon sauce.
I tried few pieces and suddenly feel not really comfortable..
Moment later, my face already become a tomato...and my body full of those red dots...
Feeling unwell and my nose stated to stuck, I headed to the hospital....

I thought with an injection...then I can go back...
But, moment after the injection, I stated to shiver seriously..
The doctor scare I might get stroke...So, I was transferred to the emergency room immediately...
So, with the ECG machine connected on..I lye on the bed for monitoring purpose..~~

Lucky the red dots started to reduce and my condition getting better..
According to the doc, if I was late to the hospital...
I might need electric short di..
Wow...really Thanks God as I never thought the condition is so serious..~~

And I think I dont dare to try those so-called "special" food again..

And super Thanks to the doctors who monitoring me the whole night~~

Let you all see my pig head..
Credit to my colleague who helps me took all this photos...HAAhAHAHA

1st shot..When I was still in critical condition~~

Pig heaD~~


Opps...I know it is prohibited...But i scare I just bye bye like that...So, try to call up Mr. Jap..Hahaha

Peace!! Finally my condition started to turn good..^.^

Needles on my hand..Painful!!

*Lesson I learned : Do not ever try those food you are not familiar with if you body condition is not that good..!!


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...


This is serriussss!!! >.<

Thank god you're okay nw!!

~y3nch1ng~ said...

Take care arr!!
This must be a very good experience for you!