Saturday, April 12, 2008

DIY your Breakfast~~

Busy busy busy with fyp report...
But still I am able to make this special bread..
Cause tiring of tonss of work..
So, i make this to reward myself..hehehe

First, prepare the ingredients such as lucheon meat, vege, sliced tomatoes, fried egg and so on...

~Sliced lucheon meat~~(looks yummy rite?)~


~ Fried egg~

~ Sliced tomatoes~

~And my favourite tomato baked bean~

~ Finally the bread wrapped with egg~

Next, put the ingredients as you like...
For me, i choose to put the lucheon meat, the vege and tomatoes, baked beans, lastly the egg~~

Teng Teng..It's done...And dont forget...It is just a nice match with a bowl of mushroom soup~~

~ Enjoy!!~~

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