Saturday, July 14, 2007

Love shape Roti Canai~~

Those who know me well will know that I like to eat supper.
But i only like the food from certain stall.Hiak hiak...
Last week, as usual I went to my favourite mamak again ===> Al-rathman.

There had been many times I want to order Roti Honda, but the worker there told me they do not have the ingredient to do it. why?because its needs banana...
Luckily, the last time I went there, I got it.

The roti canai in da shop is specially created by the roti canai uncle who is an serious man.

You can notice the way he did the roti...Every steps, his every expression has attracted me togo there. Some more the Roti Canai very very nice..!!!!

I was shocked when my Roti Honda came...It is a heart shape Roti Honda that i nvr saw before...

HAAHAH...So I quickyly snap it ...Wuahahah...
Guys...go n try next time n believe me you wont regret..

Another recommended Roti..~~Roti Sandwidch

Roti John Ayam...Sedappppppp

Tada..this is the Roti Honda that I mentioned...

After the edge had been cut out...this is how it looks like..

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