Saturday, July 14, 2007

~ ** 8 Random Facts About Me ** ~

tagged by jaecywong!!

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Thanks to jaecywong who tagged me...So, lets start..!!

1. I like to take photo. Even though my face is wide n fat, but I do have an ideal angle for taking my photo so that I won look that fat. Hiak hiak..

2. I like pet. I have a notty dog named YAYA. He is very very cute n notty too. Before this, I do have turtle, fishes, hamster and even "labi-labi" or more knowns as 水鱼 in chinese.


3. I like to shopping. I can spend whole day long in da shopping centre. So, another sentence to describe me is I like to spend. However, I hope I can change this habit so that I wont spend so much and I can save money for my future.

4. I like badminton. This is the sports I like most as I have been playing it for years since my primary school. I used to be my uni-team until I reach my final year. I hope I can continue playing badminton throughout the whole life.

5. I wanna keep fit. I went for a fat analysis and the person told me I'm overweight. WOw..sei lor..It's time for me to diet now. I have come out with a slimming plan for myself and some advises from the professional one. Recently, I eat less and exercise more. And also thanks to Jaecy who give me lots of important info on keep fit. I hope 2 months later, I can slim down and get the result that I wish to target is to lose at least 15 kgs...HAHA...

Current me..Fat Fat-.-

6. I like to travel. And i have just got my passport!!!..Thankz dad. the first place I wanna go is Singapore. Last year my family went there without me as I'm rushing my ass-ignment and summore the imigration people so stupid that they refuse to process my details at mlk here. they ask me send back to swak and it tooks 3 months to process...Siao arr..3 month my family back di lo...-.-One day I wanna go to Paris...Yeah Yeah...

7. I like to sleep. My buddies call me pigpig or "siaw zhu"because I m really a sleeping queen. Unlike normal people, I need to sleep at least 10 hours a day so that I will not in bad mood.HAHAA....I think tat is one of the problems why I am getting fatter n fatter.....

8. I have a group of buddies which like to hang around with me. I like to know new friends. And of course I do appreciate the friendship among us. For me, friendship is forever.sometime I'm sad for a small matters relating to friends. I told myself, I have to learn to take and let and I'm trying it.

My Mr.Q....Mr. Jap

My Best buddies since Alpha...We call ourself " four leaf clover"

Frens foreva!! p/s : jeff, cant find a photo with u la...sorry..heheh

The lalatz gang..

Now...8 person I wanna tag...~~
Miao, Sleepy hao, Fernlynn, Sam pok, Woonlee, Ck's world, Yung.Silent whisper, yannhoong

Happy writing~


-SaMYP- said...

Oh no...kena tagged...lazy blogger have to write the blog liaw... >.<

Haha...nice tat u put my photo. But zming's face so funny when pull long...mayb she too slim...i love my long long more slim...hahhaa

yung . said...

eeek! the pic all long long very gelik ler

KIra said...

haiz.. thanks for tagging, now i;ll be busy updating my blog sigh..almost abt 3 aartcile need to write d... some more u took away all the 8 ppl i wan to tag >.<|||

=jaecywong= said...

hey sorry for the late comment, anywayz, thanx for doing my tag.. didn;t know u have so many pets in ur house!! i have 6 hamsters too! i forgot to mention in my blog :) btw, good luck in ur weight loss programme.~ i need to lose weight too! aii.. sad! going to hit the gym this week !! :P take care gurl!!!!