Saturday, April 14, 2007

my new hair style..

2day, I went for a hair cut. Before that, I still considering whether to cut my hair short or jz cut a bit of it. However, when i reached there, my leng chai hair stylist ask me to cut short as well. But but but...I dun dare la....I scare I'll look weird with my short hair. Then he osso tol me..If u cut short, u'll nid to change all ur clothes as with short hair, i may nid more sporting shirt and bla bla bla.. ler...Finally, I made a decision...HAHAHAHA....I dun wan cut short..Cz he tol me, I look nicer with my curly long hair. hahahah..Thankz you Gxxx....With ur word, I now more fang xing liaw...hahahha....But after I cut it, my fren say no diff ooo.....But..I like it....hahaha.....

Who say no diff oo..C this...Before hair cut, my hair like grass..After hair cut..C..more leng lui di ler...AHAHAHAH


I'm Loving it...

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