Friday, September 4, 2009

Shabu - shabu @ Vietnam~~

It's been more than a year since my 1st visit to Hanoi,
Yet, I found that I never write a post regarding Vietnamese food...
Actually, there are a lot of thing for me to write~~
But...a lot..makes me lazy...+.+

So, this post is about one of the nice restaurant in Hanoi...
With Bak Kut Teh Pot in Shabu Shabu style~~
How good for us Malaysian if we can found this type of our home sweet home food~~
And thanks to the one who bring us there (Also the one who make us so sick during the project period T.T)

We ordered two type of steamboat that day~~
Bak Kut Teh pot and Tomyam pot~~
Honestly, I like both..
Haha...cause both also very very nice~~
Actually there are other type of pot too..
And I heard if it is winter day,
You may found those pot with dog meat, rabbit meat, labi-labi meat ...
Yiakssss~!!! I will never try that!!!

Tada~~ The pot with secret ingredient inside~~
Before it is cooked, the waiter will put in on a gas stove 1st to make it boil...
Then, the pot is transferred to a charcoal stove ( I dunno how to describe that thing)
And actually for the purpose of keep it warm ...

This is the charcoal stove which I mentioned~~

The ingredient we ordered~~
My favorite corn and vege~~

Types of balls...
Hmmmm...chicken meat ball and beef ball actually~~~
I super like the beef ball...
I can describe it as the 暴浆牛肉丸 in Stephen Chow's movie~~
Cause it really 暴浆 in your mouth when you bite it~~

Beef balls~~

Minced pork wrapped with Cabbage~~ Super nice~~

Mushroom ~~

And another type of mushroom~~

Highly recommended~~ Thin beef slices~~ super nice..
Just 10 seconds dips in the hot pot~~
And its ready to melt in your mouth!!

Thin lamb slices..~~ As nice as the beef~~

Our Tomyam Pot~~

With all the ingredients in~!

And the Main character of the night~~ Bak kut Teh pot~~

Super super nice~~~!

Some random shot~~

Another one~~

Finally, the group photos~~~Hiak hiak..Guess who is the one who make us so sick?
And....We ate this last last month~~
So, I still stick on my diet plan..Hahha..

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