Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yeah..It's Holiday ~~
Actually it's Vietnam National Day~~
So, I manage to have one day rest in hotel~~
Just a random update for the day~~

Owing to my job,
Which need me to burn midnight oil sometime in order to complete the project...
This has lead to my panda eyes..
And wrinkles started to appear around my eyes area...
Gosh !!!!

My Biotherm eyes gel finished few days ago..
Gosh gosh gosh!!!

Luckily ~~
I finally got my eyes gel from my lovely colleague who bring it all over from Malaysia to me~~

This time.....
I changed to L'occitane brand as I read from magazine that this brand is not bad~~
And I quite satisfy with the 1st try..~~
Refreshing, non-sticky...And I think it will be more refreshing if I put in into fridge before apply~~
Hopefully, it's really helps to reduce the dark circle and firming the eyes area...
Give me back my *blink*blink* eyes!!

But, the most important thing...
I have to really change my lifestyle =.=..

I should go to bed at 11pm....
I should avoid sitting in front of my pc tooo long ( I think it's hard...ahahaha)
I should eat more fruits ( will this help ?)

So, overall conclusion...
I should stay a healthy life ~~~
Doesn't it?

Okay...Stop all those rubbish.~~
Introducing my new eyes gel...

Comparing to my Biotherm..Its smaller..

Apply and apply~~C how serious is my dark circle~~

*Blink* Blink*

Dark circle go away!!

@@ I hate my hair..=.=