Saturday, February 21, 2009

1st valentine without him~~

This year...We will be celebrating our 7th years anniversary..
Time passed, and yet me and Mr. Jap still walking hand in hand...
Toward more and more days...Which waiting for us in front...
I believe, days will lead us to better and better journey..

This year, 2009...I celebrate my Valentine's Day in Philippines as I has been assigned a project here....
I can still recall our precious moment celebrating our sweet moment each year...
And I miss the moment a lot...
And I Do....Miss him a lot and a lot...

Looking forward to meet him soon when I back in Malaysia...~~
Or maybe other destination that will meet up us together~~

To my love one, Mr. Jap...Miss you a lot!!
And forgive me for this belated post...HAhahahaha..!!

May our relationship last foreva!!

The Sweet Moment~~

On the way to Genting

@ Seremban~

BAck From Genting~

@ Shogun~

Shogun Snap#2