Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exploring Chinese food in Manila~~

Last night, my collegue and I went to explore for chinese food in a shopping mall named Glorientta..
So fortunate, we manage to found one..
And it suit our taste very very well..
The small restaurant is "equipped" with all the familiar food we can get in Malaysia..
Such as sweet and sour pork, seafood fried rice, Singapore Bee Hoon, Oyster Vege and so on...
We ordered a spicy pork spareribs, oyster toufu and seafood fried rice...
The food is very big portion and its enough for 4 person..
End up my collegue took it back and become his breakfast for this morning...
The dinner cost us around 700 peso = RM 50 including a big mug of honey ice lemon tea..

What a nice and warm feels if we are able to taste local Chinese food in Manila..~~

Mann Yann restaurant

Our yummy dinner

Big mug of honey ice lemon tea

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