Thursday, November 20, 2008

Enchanted Kingdom~ the begining..

Enchanted Kingdom..
One of the famous fun/theme park in Manila..
Located in Santa Rosa,
From Manila, Makati City, it tooks us about one and a half hour to reach...
But it worth!!

The entrance fees is about 500peso per pax and you can enjoy the ride of everything without extra charge!!!

Tada!!! Here I am..The Enchanted Kingdom!!

People lining up for the ticket..

While waiting to enter...

And CJ a.k.a Tai Lou who is sooo excited...:p

It seems like whole Philipinos has went out for the day...

Snapped while waiting...from left, Vijay, Lester and CJ

And me...

Stall selling souvenir..I bought the cap and the cute Enchanted Man...

To be continue....


** I accidentally kick the bathtub..and my toes is bleeding now...damn pain..:(

**Daddy mummy and sis are coming for holiday..cheers!!!


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