Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Porridge house @ Mlk Raya

2 months ago, the night b4 I back kch... I m having this yummy porridge @ Mlk raya... It's the 2nd time I been there as we don't have the luck at 1st time... The porridge sold out as we went there very late at night... Luckily I have the chance to test it b4 I back.. Thank to Jason la...hahahah.. For bringing me eat nice things...hohohoh

We ordered porridge with side dishes...
Cost us RM 30++...Quite cheap and it is nice...hahahha ** the best things is I no need to pay..hiak hiak..:p

Delicious porridge with double yolk ( salted egg and normal one)

Dunno how to call this dish...but really nice...^^

Salad Yau Char Kuai

And the shop outlook~~

**Try it if u cant find a nice place for supper when the night falls..~~

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