Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nyian B-day @ genting~~

7/10..It is nyian big day...
So, me, phang & pok decided to give hima surprise @ genting~
** Since he had been looking forward to go genting for so long...Hahaha
This will be a photo post instead of words...
Let the photo explain everything...

Tadaaa..Again, the photo of us in the bus...
* I just realise that i like to take photo in bus..@.@*

While waiting for cable car~~

Snapped in da cable car~~

Me with phang & Sam..(phang face so weird..Hahaha)

Woot...Here v go lo..~~Hahhaa...

Snapped from the top..~~


3 siaw guy enjoying the cold cold weather~~

misty misty~~

NExt on, we arranging a surprising b-day celebration for nyian...

ENd~~ stay tuned for next langkawi..
And our terrible night at airport...:-)

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