Thursday, August 9, 2007

Old Town Coffee Shop..

Cant remember which day di...
I went to Old town coffee shop for lunch with nyian @nd Sam...
Since three of us are Coffee lovers, so we decided to try Old town coffee.
It's didn't disappoint me as I like the Hainanese Coffee there...Syiok...!!

~Old TOwn Coffee shop At Dataran Pahlawan~

~ Cham ( Coffee + Tea) ordered by Sam ~

~ White Coffee ordered by Nyian ~

~Hainanese Coffee named Hainanese Memorable ordered by me~

The Hainanese Coffee taste quite Kao..And you can see from the photo, it's really dark!! With a layer of milk topping on it.

~ After I stirred it, it become like this ~

~ Rendang Rice ~

~ And my favourite Ice Cream toast, Yummy yummy ~

~ Kaya Butter Toast ~

~ The butter looks like fries~

I think the toast is made by themselves. It taste like coffee / choco and it's very thin. It taste really good specially when served with Vanilla Ice-cream oo...

~Me eating my ice-cream toast~ Sedappppppp


生番薯 said...

same menu everywhere??i wish to try that ice cream toast after looking at ur post

-SaMYP- said...

Wah...The last pic,really look like ur sister eh...hehe~

yung . said...

i don't like old town. =D

Stephanie_yinG said...

rawpotato: i think same la.hahaha..not very sure osso..but the ice cream toast really syiok..:P

clickme said...

all the food there make me hungry already... damm, i just take my dinner, now hungry some more

Stephanie_yinG said...

iCalvyn : ahhah...supper lo..:P