Monday, August 6, 2007

My 3rd bday celebration @ Xuan Cafe

The next day, 25/7, I have my bday celebration at Xuan cafe with my fellows Tele coursemate. All of them coming and it's seem like I have booked the whole cafe. It's 22 of them!! Wow...It's make me recall of my kiddy birthday party last time. Hahahha...By the way, a very very thanks to them who celebrate with me. Love ya all..muakzzz!!!

I am 22 di...wooooo...Old old old...My wish? of course slim, thin, and fair lo..Hahaha..every year the same but nvr got my dream come true. *sigh* sigh*. Going back to training soon. So sad cz cant get any placement in Malacca. Sadddd....T.T. Okay, I treat it as a opportunity for me to start my slimming plan. Hiak hiak...Gam pa teh oo..!!

Me..With my bday cake from all my fellow classmate...

Nice photo of Laling, Harni @nd me...

All da girls....

Group photo..But some of them went back di...:(

Me @nd wei xiang (one of the singer in Xuan cafe a.k.a Eason from mlk)

Guess where we are??

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