Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hair @nd Make up show 2007~~(part 2)

Okay, continue from the last blog. After taking photo with those lengchai stylist, finally is my best friends turns. We go back stage to find Cunlynn (Laling~) and Fernlynn ( Harni~) for photo taking as well. Both of them are so so so pretty with the make up and hair style. I really like the theme presented by them. Can say Myteries + Sexy look loh~~.

Performance of the night....

~~Hair Stylist in @ction~~

**nice photo of miss Fern styling her hair on the stage

Finally, my bro(future hairstylist) @nd me


生番薯 said...

how come u nvr be model geh??that mr guan is he from creative??

Stephanie_yinG said... ya..i m fat fat cant be model la..:P...yaya..guan is from creative...y?