Monday, April 9, 2007

ShOppInG qUeeN is ME....

Today is an extremely happy day for me.
I go Mp 2day and i spent about RM 600 in a day..
Phew..but still, I 'm happy with it..hohooh..Look wat i bought..

I bought 2 caps 2day but I'm -.-!!! when i go buy my new digi cam.The canon company actually giving the free gift away and it is a WHITE CAP too.....(waste my money only..)

But, me and my roomate was happy trying those diff pattern of caps in the hot market and taking photo with it.In the middle of our happiness, suddenly a lot of eyes looking at us. Aduih,paiseh nya..Then v fast fast take and fast fast run away. Our housemate osso dun dare to say they noe us di..*sigh*sigh*
C our photo...nice ler...

After hot market, then we went to Bum city and photo again..@.@

In da housemate all no eyes c di..*fainted*

Today i haf a nice nice dinner at McD. First time i saw such a big "quater pounder"...As it say,it is quater pound maa...The beef so big till i haf to finish all te outer part before i can reach the bun..YEah~~I'm Lo\/ing it..


This is Mr Jap who having headache.....

AH pok, Nian you and siti....But Yee phang is missing...

And look wat i got 2day..hohohoh

Yeah yeah..i got my new digi cam finally....huhuhuhu...Happy~~
After buying those nail colour..sure i pang pang seng go n stamp my nail liaw...c my result..sui boh..:p

BEFORE..... AFTER.....

Phew...Tired di...Wan oi oi lur..c u all tmr..hohoh..
My sleepy face...:(

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