Wednesday, April 11, 2007

LaTE nIghT bAdmIntOn

Last night bout 10 pm, as usual we have our late night badminton again. But this time was a bit shock that when v reach the court, there is many people crowding the court. I think there is some competition among them as i saw most of the player was very very geng. One smash maybe can cause "blue black " one oo..hahahah
But v do syiok sendiri and enjoy ourself among the crowd.

Here is some photo of us in action...

This is Jeff...Serving.

This is me lor..yeng ler..HOHOHOHO

Boon Leong serving..but he is shy to look at the cam..

Victorious is us....yeah!!

After badminton, we went to Mitc for our supper. V order a special roti canai called "roti helicopter"...hahahha..But in fact, it is roti tisu la..kena tipu di..

Our tired face after badminton...

Jeff and pok with so called roti helicopter..tak terbang pun

Me and jie jie...

Boon Leong and me...

Phang Phang and jeff...

However, people say exercise so late is not good for health one..So my friend arr..can v change to earlier time next time...if not after badminton supper again..fat la..

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